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16 June 2010

Lying? Think again...

Do you know that sometimes, when you lie, you will subconsciously look at the top right? It may sounds ridiculous, but it's not.
I have a theoretical explanation to this. The right part of our body will react to the activity of our left brain & vice versa. For example, if you kicked a ball with your right foot, that's your left brain giving the instruction. As for the lying part, it may sounds a bit complicated.

You see, when you try to lie, you will try to think of the most logical explanation to whatever argument you are facing. Now, we use the left part of our brain to generate something logical. Therefore, as result you will unintentionally look at the top right.

Hope this piece of information would be helpful for you guys out there!

Harmless Blogger signing out!


  1. i'll try hard to look to the left if i wanna lie to u..hahaha..can kaa??=p

  2. then i'll know u'r lying straight away..hoho