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03 August 2010


I've been having a doubt on writing down this post for the last 2 days. But today, after a good sleep, I've decided to just DO IT!!

Well, here goes...

On the 31 July 2010, after having my halaqah(usrah koko for uia student) & a crappy breakfast, I saw a poster. It catches my attention as it has a nice hollow picture of a person sitting on a chair with a guitar. It mention a word, TALENTIME. Well, you know how it looks right? nk d letak gambo...x de..sori la ea...hahahaha...

I was suppose to go out on that day. Meeting someone special (^_^). Anyway, my instinct drives me mad cause it tells me to go for that TALENTIME. After having a ping pong situation in my mind, a GO was the decision.

Then, I walk straight from my mahallah(college) towards KAED (Kulliyyah of Architecture & Environmental Design Festival). Long story cut short, I performed 3 songs on under the heated noon sunlight in front of a small crowd. It was so-so, but it was just my luck. On of the working committee asked for my number, and he invited me to come for the next night to join another performance. He said, there WILL be prizes. He goes by the name PUAD.

Well, on the next night I came. But my name was not in the list. So, after having a discussion with the programme coordinator, I was allowed to perform on that very night as the last performer...Or should I say, competitor.

My turn came up right after a performance by the UPM representative. For your information, they invited two television personnel as juries. But the thing that shocked me most was that they gave comments & critics after each performance. They were cruel as hell!!! It really bothers me as I almost throw in the towel. Thanks to the support from those who were there (who knows me) & my someone special (^_^), I managed to gather myself & go up the stage.The rest, shall be told by this amateur video from my phone. ENJOY!!!


  1. nice singing dude ^ ^ looking forward for more vids =)