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08 September 2010

Towards the end.....

Well, we're almost at the end of Ramadhan. I must say that this Ramadhan is my best EVER! PERIOD! I so do hope that I'll be given a chance to meet this holy month again next year.
But, of all the good experience, there are some that I don't favour. One of them is concerning the smokers. I do feel sorry for the smokers cause' they can never allow themselves to missed the chance to smoke. Some of these smokers doesn't want to admit that they are not addicted, but, hey! Action speaks louder than words!They'll put a very high priority of their times during the pre-dawn meal & break fast just for smoking. Haizz..apo la nk jd?

Another sad thing is concerning those who are fasting, but don't perform prayers 5 times everyday. I've been alerted few years ago by a pious. He told me, if we do perform the ibadah of fasting without praying, the act of ibadah will means nothing. We will just suffer hunger without any receiving rewards from Allah but committing sins instead. Remember, Ramadhan is like a bonus period for us to perform any ibadah that would result in bigger rewards from Allah compared to regular months.

Well, this is the end i guess. BUT, before I end my entry, I'd to like officially announce that I'll be sharing a word from the standard Sarawakian Malay Language in every of my entry in the future. Including this one of course. So, to those of you who are interested in learning this language, please pay this page a visit when you are free. (^_^)


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