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28 December 2011

Lagu Kita Cover on Youtube

This was actually an old video in my collection recorded in 2009. The video quality is not that good, but hopefully it'll entertain you!
Click here to watch the video on Youtube!
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22 December 2011

A Guy Won A Lamborghini & Crashes It 6 Hours Later

A truck driver who won a Lamborghini worth about $300,000 in a convenience store contest crashed the sports car six hours after he got it, and he now plans to sell the 640-horsepower convertible because he can't afford the insurance or taxes.
"I already had offers on it. I'm going to sell it," David Dopp said Wednesday. "I have bills more important than a Lamborghini. I've got a family to support."
Dopp, a 34-year-old truck driver for Frito-Lay, spun out of control just a few hours after taking the keys to the Murcielago Roadster that he won in a "Joe Schmo to Lambo" contest sponsored by Maverik convenience stores.
The lime green convertible was being held by his insurance company at a Utah towing yard. It will be sent to an authorized Las Vegas dealer for repairs next week.
Dopp told The Associated Press the damage "isn't super bad" — a punctured oil pan and tire, and a few dents and scratches on the front and rear ends. The father of six said he couldn't afford to pay taxes on the car or the insurance, which runs $3,500 every six months.
"That's why rich people own them," he said. "The poor people like me don't."
Dopp was taking family members and friends on joy rides the first evening. He said he took a curve at about 45 mph and "hit some black ice and spun out." The car jumped a curb and went through a fence before coming to a rest about 75 feet off the road. Neither Dopp nor his passenger was injured.
"My heart pretty much fell out," Annette Dopp told KSL-TV of Salt Lake City. "They said they were OK. Then (came), you know, that feeling when your heart drops and you're like, 'Oh, my gosh. What do we do now?'"
The Lamborghini was the envy of Santaquin, a town of 9,000 about 55 miles south of Salt Lake City. Police say the Lamborghini's high-performance summer tires weren't suited for icy conditions and the car is simply too powerful — and exceptionally light with carbon fiber body parts. Dopp wasn't ticketed.
Dopp was videotaped jumping up and down and hollering in speechless disbelief when contest officials announced during a Nov. 12 college football game that he won the car. He had to take out insurance before he could claim the car — "that was a good thing," he says — and took the keys to the roadster Saturday.
Dopp said he never imagined he could keep the car for long because it costs too much to own.
He also won $5,000 worth of driving lessons at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele County.
Dopp said he'll be more careful the next time he gets behind the wheel.
The giveaway contest was for customers who use a rewards card at Maverik's 220 stores. It was co-sponsored by nonprofit organization "teamgive," which raises awareness about rare neurological diseases.
Dopp said Maverik valued the Lamborghini at $358,000, but because it's a 2008 model that had 1,500 miles on the odometer, he believes the value is closer to $300,000 — and he's willing to sell it for less after the body shop fixes it.
Online car appraisal sites don't list market values for a 2008 Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster.

Simple Tutorial On How To Keep Spam Away On Your Facebook Page


18 December 2011

Are You A Twitterholic or Facebookaholic?

Ever heard of the terms 'Twitterholic' or 'Facebookaholic'? Well if you don't, you're kinda left behind pal. For those of you who have no idea what these terms mean, let me enlighten you:

a)Twitterholic: A person who spent almost every single minute/second of his/her life tweeting(additively) via phone or pc about his/her daily activity    and feelings.
b)Facebokaholic: A person who spent almost every single minute/second of his/her life updating Facebook status(additively) via phone or pc about his/her daily activity and feelings.  

Well, these terms are quite famous in some countries and I believe it would be the same in Malaysia in near future. I believe there's a 80% chance this might happen for the following reasons:
a) Malaysian are now able to get access of the internet through phones.
b) Free wireless service is becoming more of a trend at most restaurant, hotel, campus and etc.
c) Malaysian are responding quite well on both events above.
d) People tweet & update on all sorts of things now. Even on their toilet activities.

There are more reasons to it actually, but I'd rather leave it for you give your opinions. I'd like to know what your opinions are.
But, the most important thing I'd like to share with you here is what I believe would be the effect if really happens(in my opinion laaa):
a) People would unfriend you on Facebook.
b) Mark Zuckerberg might invent a new feature called 'BLOCK STATUS UPDATES' which enable you to stay friend with someone but not having their status updates appear on your news feed(or something like that).
c) People would block their friend's Facebook account if Mark don't invent such feature.LOL!
d) Twitterholic & Facebookaholic might loose a huge number of followers & friends too!

What do you think would happen? Care to share your opinion? I'm sure you do. Please do share with the world.

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16 December 2011

My Youtube Channel!! SUBSCRIBE!!!!

Hello there! I'd like you to know that I'm in a process of promoting my Youtube Channel which is the AJ Music Channel. It serves as my medium to share my music to each & everyone of u out there. Hopefully my humble music will be able to give you joy and inspiration. So if u do support my music, re-post this link or simply share my videos on your blogs, Facebook page, Twitter or any other mediums available. Oh yeah, SUBSCRIBE to my channel ok! With love!

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04 December 2011

Penghujung Lena Lyrics (Original Song)

Indah nian langit cerah   
Dihiasi kepul awan   
Terlena di hembus bayu
Hanyut di dunia indah

Namun kini ku mengerti
Saat ini kian pergi

Harus ku berlari tiada henti
Walau tersungkur seakan terbukti
Namun hati ini kan terus resah
Andai kita hidup tiada rebah

Langit cerah indah nian
Kepul awan menghiasi
Dihembus bayu terlena
Di dunia indah ku terhanyut

Hari kan berganti hari
Akan ku teguh berdiri
Demi mengejarmu mimpi
Akan ku teguh berdiri
Walau duka dan berduri
Akan ku teguh berdiri

Click here to enjoy the song.

Hope you'll enjoy the song.

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