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16 June 2010

Lying? Think again...

Do you know that sometimes, when you lie, you will subconsciously look at the top right? It may sounds ridiculous, but it's not.
I have a theoretical explanation to this. The right part of our body will react to the activity of our left brain & vice versa. For example, if you kicked a ball with your right foot, that's your left brain giving the instruction. As for the lying part, it may sounds a bit complicated.

You see, when you try to lie, you will try to think of the most logical explanation to whatever argument you are facing. Now, we use the left part of our brain to generate something logical. Therefore, as result you will unintentionally look at the top right.

Hope this piece of information would be helpful for you guys out there!

Harmless Blogger signing out!

10 June 2010


Before I move on with this post, I'd like to remind you readers that this post is gonna be a bit lame. I apologize to those who might be offended by what I'm going to write, but this is a very true story of my own.

Have you ever been treated like a cat before? Well, I've been treated so ever since my inglorious days in SM Sains Kuching. You see, friend is a very cruel word in the dictionary of my life. For most of the people out there, friend is everything to them. They do almost everything together (well, except for personal matters). They get to share the fun together and get invited for dinner, soccer games, playing console games, going someplace interesting and etc. Well, you get the point already right?

Unfortunately, for me friends are nothing but a passer by who are in need. You see, when they are in need, they will come crawling back to me begging for help. Just like a dog begging for bones. But after I helped them, all I can see is their back. I am not exaggerating for this happens to me all the time. Sometimes, I see myself as a rubbish bin where people throw bad & unused stuff at.

I once thought I finally have a true friend. Let's just call this person as Z. You see, Z was at first a very quite and SUCKS at making friends. I found that Z always sat alone in the class. So I introduced myself to Z. As we become friends, Z complained that he's not good at mixing with the crowd. I tried to convinced & guided Z on how to make friends. After a period of time, Z managed to make some new friends.

Z is a dog too after all. Z became one of the passer by who was in need. Z turned his/her back at me, and run as fast as he/she could. I did not make this story up or exaggerated in any part of it as it did happened to me. The story of Z is one of the example of the dog i met in life, and in fact the latest. There were more, but I do not want to include their story for I'm afraid that people might get the wrong idea about me.

I hope that those who had read this post would take a moment and think, have you ever did a similar crime to others? Cause if you have, feel free to apologize because other people have feelings to. For those who shares the same fate as me, just move on with your life. Treat this as a punishment or reminder from Allah that nobody is perfect.

Harmless Blogger signing out!

03 June 2010

Jewish Muslim anyone?

First of all, I'm not a Jew. Cause some people might think so as they read along. I'm just a normal Muslim who often stand for my right if it's worth fighting for. So again, I'm not a Jew. Concerning my topic, I'm deeply frustrated with the fact that most Muslim have this preconception that every Jew is bad. In fact they're not(oww...I'm so gonna get criticized for this). Same goes to the Muslim. Not every Muslim is behaving like how they are supposed to be, which is; being nice and righteous and etc.

For instance, in Malaysia. Most of the drug addicts are the Malay. As we all know, most Malay are Muslim(I'm using most because I know some Malay who are non-muslim). By being Muslim, they ought to abide by the Islamic law preventing the believer not to do harm on themselves on purpose. Now, taking drug is harmful. Thus, it is haram for a Muslim(in fact, everyone does!) to take drugs. Still, the statistic does not agree with this ongoing problem. They claimed, the Jewish people hates Muslim so much that they do massacre in the Holy Land! Hold on, even some Muslims kill too! Maybe they didn't killed a big crowd, but killing is still a horrible thing to do. What I'm trying to express here, is that there are Muslims who are bad too. But of course, not all of us Muslims are bad. I believe that most Muslims abide by their religion.

There was a question that kept on bothering me ever since I was 17. Is there any Jew who loves peace and harmony out there? Is there any Jewish Muslim out there? It bothers me so much for the Jewish people are human being too! It is almost impossible that each and every one of them are bad. So I went for a lil' digging. Turns out, there are Jews who's not as bad as their reputation is! These Jews love peace, and more surprising, they do not hate Muslim. They are just normal human being after all....

Here goes....

What we need to educate ourselves is that, there are some big differences between Judaism Jew and the Zionist Jew. I don't want to talk too much on this because I'm not completely certain on this particular area. But what I know, Judaism is just a religion who believes in one god and promotes peace. Similar to any other religion on this planet! We were wrong about them. Often we addressed them as a race who loves to kill and full of hatred. Well, they're not fellow readers.

The problem starts when the Zionist came into the picture. It is an indoctrinator for the history of mankind! The Jews who are in this political movement are the real devil. These are the people who killed millions of lives in the Holy Land, Palestine. FYI, some Jews in Israel are opposing the Zionist interest. But what really bothers me is that, there was an event that took place somewhere on earth, an interview of a Zionist. I don't remember his name though. But he literally said this, "I am happy to be a Zionist and you don't have to be a Jew to be a Zionist.". This clearly indicates that, there are non-Jewish persons in this insane political body.

I have come to an end of my second post for I once again, ran out of juice! But I hope, this little idea of mine would help you to be more thoughtful when you are judging the Jews. I'm not suggesting they are 100% innocent, but how can we be so different from them. Muslims or Jews, both are fleshes and bones. What really matters is what lies deep inside you.

This post is just my speculation. Nothing but a POV and a lil' fact. It is unnecessary to treat them as the complete truth.

The Harmless blogger, signing out!

02 June 2010

1st Post

This is officially my first post for my blog. To be honest, this feels kinda strange since this is my first blog. What else should I write eyh?? I think I'm running out of juice already.tata