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10 June 2010


Before I move on with this post, I'd like to remind you readers that this post is gonna be a bit lame. I apologize to those who might be offended by what I'm going to write, but this is a very true story of my own.

Have you ever been treated like a cat before? Well, I've been treated so ever since my inglorious days in SM Sains Kuching. You see, friend is a very cruel word in the dictionary of my life. For most of the people out there, friend is everything to them. They do almost everything together (well, except for personal matters). They get to share the fun together and get invited for dinner, soccer games, playing console games, going someplace interesting and etc. Well, you get the point already right?

Unfortunately, for me friends are nothing but a passer by who are in need. You see, when they are in need, they will come crawling back to me begging for help. Just like a dog begging for bones. But after I helped them, all I can see is their back. I am not exaggerating for this happens to me all the time. Sometimes, I see myself as a rubbish bin where people throw bad & unused stuff at.

I once thought I finally have a true friend. Let's just call this person as Z. You see, Z was at first a very quite and SUCKS at making friends. I found that Z always sat alone in the class. So I introduced myself to Z. As we become friends, Z complained that he's not good at mixing with the crowd. I tried to convinced & guided Z on how to make friends. After a period of time, Z managed to make some new friends.

Z is a dog too after all. Z became one of the passer by who was in need. Z turned his/her back at me, and run as fast as he/she could. I did not make this story up or exaggerated in any part of it as it did happened to me. The story of Z is one of the example of the dog i met in life, and in fact the latest. There were more, but I do not want to include their story for I'm afraid that people might get the wrong idea about me.

I hope that those who had read this post would take a moment and think, have you ever did a similar crime to others? Cause if you have, feel free to apologize because other people have feelings to. For those who shares the same fate as me, just move on with your life. Treat this as a punishment or reminder from Allah that nobody is perfect.

Harmless Blogger signing out!


  1. Interesting post yo, keep it up!

  2. psstt.. i know bout this already but anyway, i wanna apologize to u too coz sometimes we didn't realized that we hurt other's feelings. peace=)

  3. roxy: loh..haha..rlx r..dgn u mmg peace saja maaa...(^_^)v

  4. interesting life experience... heheheh.... :)