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23 July 2010

Life It Is

It' s been a while since I last updated my blog. It's not that I don't want to, but I just don't know what to write anymore. I guess every blogger faced the same in the beginning. Anyway, this post might not be the same with my previous posts as I am intending to write on some of my personal experiences.

It's almost into the end of my 2nd week in my 2nd long semester in IIUM @ UIAM. I expect nothing less from the university life but hectic & headache. The lectures are getting harder everyday and I am yet to settle down. I don't know if the problem is myself or my lecturers, but I have a strong feeling that I know where the problem is. It's just a matter of how to solve it. How I wish life is just as easy as some RPG games that I can alter the difficulties. URGH!!!

Now that the scholarships application frenzy is over, I can rest my mind for a while. All that I can do is wait. I've applied for Yayasan Biasiswa Tunku Abdul Rahman Yayasan Sarawak (as adviced by my highly spirited cousin; Zay) and the famous JPA Scholarship. Well, I don't expect to get the JPA Scholarship, but it won't be a waste if I just applied for it. But if I do get it, it would be a bonus for me.(^_^)..hohohoho!!

Some of my friends were asking of my updates on writing some new songs. Well, the answer is; I have not write anything for the last few months. But I do get a head in collaborating with someone on writing and composing some songs. We're planning to meet soon & I'm looking forward on it as I had received them drafts. Since everything is on the fly lately, I hope Allah will give me time and space at least to catch some breath along this hectic road of life.

Harmless Blogger signing out!


  1. oh.. im waiting 4 the songs too..
    nak dgr sentuhan melodi dr ko lak.. :)
    good luck~

  2. psttt..i guess u know awatif...she's my roomate n while i was playing guitar, she was asking.."eh, ko pandai x nyanyi lagu azwan..dia budak pj...lagu andai kita..kenal x??",,then i just laughed at her laa..ehehe..=)

  3. taqi: oh...haha..failed la..x leh nk adjust ngn lg tu..

    roxy: laughed? then?

  4. AJ : tahniah :)

    mmg sore ko sedap gilo.

  5. dia taktahu ict tu ape?

    aku taknak puji sore hang, ckup2lah depa yang puji2 hang. hehe

    semoga dapat digunakan untuk Islam.

  6. aku ni salah komen post kah? sori

  7. aah..slh asl org salu slh komen ea post2 aq?

  8. sebab salah tempat.
    orang konpius. selalu orang letak kotak komen at the end of post. Hang punya terbalik sikit. hehe

  9. ahaha....template dy mmg gtu...leh fix x?

  10. takpasti lah, aku bleh tengokkan tapi aku sangat malas. D only solution is to change ur template! HarHar