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09 September 2010

Eidul Mubaraq

It's almost time that Muslims all around the world can't afford to miss the celebration of this annual festival. I'd like to wish all of you out there HAPPY EIDUL MUBARAQ!!

This year celebration might be the best I'd ever celebrate for the planning I've made with my dear X-GEN of SMSK who are in Kuching. Igt oi tkorg...raya 3rd dtg umh..kkya kita convoy!!! I'm looking forward to it. (^^). To the rest of the X-GEN who couldn't afford to join us on that very day, maybe next year yeah!

To my friends in IIUM...I'll be bringing some of the tasty KEK LAPIS SARAWAK back. So, the brothers are all invited to come to my room (kalo x abes lagi r)..While, the sisters..urm,...I cant promise much, but I'll try to save some of them for you girls to enjoy during the class..hahaha!!

Last but not least..SELAMAT HARI RAYA! MAAF ZAHIR SAHAJA...batin xya r..hohohoho...

Harmless Blogger Signing out!


  1. slmt hari raya ;)

  2. nak jadi femes?

    tp cara baik? melalui pekerjaan kita :)