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25 September 2010

The Hectic Campus Life

Fuh..This week was definitely a hectic one!! It was full with activities, mid term papers & quizzes. Alhamdulillah, I managed to survive through the period.

Well, previously I've promised to upload my new song entittled CERITA BARU soon. I'm here to apologize to those who've been waiting for it up till now as it is yet to be recorded. InsyaAllah it would be ready by the weekend. I was too busy with the activities around the campus. Hahaha..

Well, last night I was involved with a Gamelan performance. It was my first time performing for the team since I'm still a new member of the team. Looking forward to be performing again with my newly found CAC (Cultural Art Club) of IIUM(International Islamic University) family. U guys are the BEST!!

There were also performance from the Anklong team, IIUM Band, Dikir Barat and the nasyid team. I guess that's all for now for I'll be preparing the song for me to upload. Till next time guys!!