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11 November 2010

AJ's Version of Exam Fever

Concerning the above tittle (wah! mcm surat rasmi la plak..hahaha)..I've realized that when it comes to exam seasons, certain symptoms will be haunting me like rapidly. The followings are some of them that I can recall up till this moment:

1. Sleeping problem (abnormal biological clock cycle..ngahaha..i wonder if that's the right term to use)
2. Longing for crappy/old games ex: super mario, battle tank, tetris.
3. Inseparable with my laptop & PSP.
4. Arrival of pure inspiration for new songs to compose.
5. Series of some chronic waking up problem.
6. Craving for insanely delicious foods.
7. Lazy enough to open a book. Let alone reading them. (^^)
8. Even if I do managed to open one, I'd just stare at them for few minutes instead of reading thoroughly.
9. Recalling as much memory as I could from the classes that I attended for the whole semester.
10. Download and watch whatever movies that I didn't get to watch at the cinema. HAHAHA!!!
11. Roaming from room to room looking for nothing.

I can only come up with 11 of them. LOL! I wonder if you do suffers from the symptoms above? It would be great to know someone who actually does! hehehe..bye for now!

Harmless Blogger Signing out!