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30 December 2010

2010 In Review!

2010 was a BLAST for me! Learned so many new stuffs through the year. Definitely the most exciting year of my life! I'd like to share with you guys out there with what I've learned & been through for this period of time.

First, what I've learned(except benda dalam kelas la):
  1. Proper way of kayaking
  2. How to play Gamelan
  3. How to play Sape
  4. How to play DOTA!!!
  5. Understands more about guitar
  6. How to play piano(a bit)
  7. How to start & managed a blog
  8. How to upgrade & downgrade the PSP Custom Firmware
  9. How to play squash
  10. The procedure in the Malaysian Parliament
  11. Differences between Indie & Mainstream music procedure in Malaysia
Aaaa...can't remember the rest. But I'm very sure there are more.
Never mind! Let's move on with what I've achieved during the year!!

  1. Joined IIUM Gamelan Club
  2. Joined IIUM Acoustic Band
  3. Established a blog!
  4. Represented IIUM for FESTKUM'10 under Acoustic Band category
  5. Nominated as the best solo musician during FESTKUM'10
  6. Majored in Bachelor of IT
  7. Performed in several wedding as IIUM Gamelan player
  8. Conquered BROGA HILL!!!!!
  9. Went to Sungai Kanching (with the coolest guys I've ever met!)
  10. Won the 1st prize in Sound Lab during Kaedfest.
  11. Selected as MRC,Mahallah Representative Committee (tapi dah quit la)
ni pun dah lupa..

Anyway, Happy New Year to all of you out there! HAVE A BLAST!!!


  1. squash? pergh
    belajar dengan sapa?
    patutlah jahanam court male tuh