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05 December 2010

My Debut!

10th Dec 2010 will be a very historical day for me as I'll be making my debut in performing with the IIUM Acoustic band! The performance is named as Cultural Night. It is one of the slot included in the IIUM Ta'aruf week @ Orientation week.

Other than the Acoustic Band, some other clubs like the Gamelan Club, Angklung Club, Caklempong Club, Zapin Club & Alumni Club will be making their appearance. As the rumor has it, Cultural Night has been a very blasting and happening performance for the last few semester. We've been practicing hard to keep it that way (^^).

On that night, I'll be playing my role as the band's vocalist for the first time. Not to forget, I'm not the only vocalist on that very night. Yesterday, I was shocked by our coach for he had asked me to play Sape' for one of the number that we will perform. For those who have no idea what sape is, you can always ask the friendly Mr.Google.hehehe... ni la sape.

Oh well, I'm running out of juice already. GTG!!

Harmless Blogger Signing out!