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23 November 2011

I'm BACK!!

After almost a year of absence in the musical art field, I've decided to make a return. The progress seems to have quite a good start. IPAC (Islamic Performance Art Concert) will be the first stage event that will be in the schedule. IPAC is a major concert in IIUM @ UIAM which includes several other local universities. IIUM Cultural Art Club (CAC) will be represented by our own Gamelan Club, Acoustic Band Club, Angklung Club, Caklempong Club, Zapin Club and Drama Club. Other universities that are going to be involve are UTP, UNIMAS and some other universities that I don't remember(no offense). This year IPAC is going to include some professional musician from Istana Budaya. So I can imagine the concert is gonna be massively amusing.

Hence, my schedule now is quite pack with training every night. On top of that, ideas just came like missile bombs raining on me to write songs. They just came out of nowhere. So, I have to split my focus during training by writing the composition. Suddenly, I feel alive again.LOL

Therefore, I'm going to start a little project of my own by uploading my own original piece and some covers on Youtube. The links will be provided in my next post. So, feel free to click  & watch my videos AND don't forget to subscribe peeps!

Harmless Blogger signing out!

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