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18 December 2011

Are You A Twitterholic or Facebookaholic?

Ever heard of the terms 'Twitterholic' or 'Facebookaholic'? Well if you don't, you're kinda left behind pal. For those of you who have no idea what these terms mean, let me enlighten you:

a)Twitterholic: A person who spent almost every single minute/second of his/her life tweeting(additively) via phone or pc about his/her daily activity    and feelings.
b)Facebokaholic: A person who spent almost every single minute/second of his/her life updating Facebook status(additively) via phone or pc about his/her daily activity and feelings.  

Well, these terms are quite famous in some countries and I believe it would be the same in Malaysia in near future. I believe there's a 80% chance this might happen for the following reasons:
a) Malaysian are now able to get access of the internet through phones.
b) Free wireless service is becoming more of a trend at most restaurant, hotel, campus and etc.
c) Malaysian are responding quite well on both events above.
d) People tweet & update on all sorts of things now. Even on their toilet activities.

There are more reasons to it actually, but I'd rather leave it for you give your opinions. I'd like to know what your opinions are.
But, the most important thing I'd like to share with you here is what I believe would be the effect if really happens(in my opinion laaa):
a) People would unfriend you on Facebook.
b) Mark Zuckerberg might invent a new feature called 'BLOCK STATUS UPDATES' which enable you to stay friend with someone but not having their status updates appear on your news feed(or something like that).
c) People would block their friend's Facebook account if Mark don't invent such feature.LOL!
d) Twitterholic & Facebookaholic might loose a huge number of followers & friends too!

What do you think would happen? Care to share your opinion? I'm sure you do. Please do share with the world.

Harmless Blogger signing out!

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