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25 January 2012

Semua Makanan Pun HARAM!

Kebelakangan ini, sering kita dengar isu makanan haram dan isu penyalahgunaan Logo Halal Jakim. Tapi bukan isu ini yang Harmless Blogger nak sentuh(since I'm no expert in such matter kan? hahaha). Isu yang nak disentuh ni berkenaan dengan isu penyebaran rumours haram/halal certain makanan.

My first question is, kenapa la pihak2 yang tak bertanggungjawab ni suka sangat nak buat masyarakat kita ni keliru & ragu? Dah la rakyat Malaysia ni super cautious bab makanan haram/halal. Sekali dah kecoh tu, silap haribulan boleh gulung tikar company2 pengeluar tu. Memang la Islam promotes "Mencari yang halal itu wajib". Tapi kalau dah sampai fitnah produk keluaran certain pihak tu haram hanya kerana kita ragu2, murni sangat ke kita ni?

Kalau pihak2 tak bertanggungjawab ni dibiarkan, jangan terkejut kalau esok lusa, rambutan, betik, durian, betik & etc. tu sume jadi haram. Sebab semuanya takda plak cop halal kan? Yela, asal ada je benda yang diorang ni ragu2, terus je pergi sebarkan kat Facebook, Twitter, blog2 dll.
Sampai satu tahap, diorang ni sanggup hantar SMS kat orang ramai. Pastu, ayat paling last dia "Sebarkan berita ini jika anda seorang Islam". Mesti korang pun pernah dapat SMS macam ni kan? Kalau dah ayat last nyer macam tu, sah2 la akan ada orang yang akan panik.

So, ni nak pesan sikit la kat korang semua. Seelok nya, kalau ragu2 tu rujuk la kat JAKIM. Jangan pandai2 buat andaian sendiri. Belajar Pendidikan Islam pun takat SPM je pon kan? Ha..paham2 sendiri la ye.
Lagi satu, kalau ada terima SMS or e-mail yang kita sendiri pun tak sure kesahihan sumber maklumat yang kita dapat, fikir la masak2 sebelum anda share or forward kat member2 or kaum kerabat masing2. Takut nanti, kita ni jadi agen penyebaran fitnah plak kan? Bahaya tu....

These are just my opinions. They're unnecessarily 100% true.

Harmless Blogger signing out!

24 January 2012

FIFA12 PSP Freeze Problem Fix (100% Working)

Over the past few weeks, I've been searching through the net for the best solution to solve the freeze problem that I faced while playing FIFA12 on my PSP 2000. Most of the method were rather unreliable or maybe I just couldn't understand them. But, I accidentally came up with a solution and it was a mere coincidence.

The solution may sound stupid, but all you need to do is just upgrade your CFW to 6.60 ME. Yeah, and the best part is, it also solved the freezing problem for all other games on my PSP.(Note that previously I was on CFW 5.50 GEN-D3 version)

My guess is this freezing problem may only occur on CFW 5.XX only.MAYBE
So, to all of you out there who faced a similar problem as I did and are still looking around for solutions, well this might help you.

Harmless Blogger signing out!

17 January 2012

Bring Out Your Talent! ( You Might Be The Lucky Winner)

Couple of days ago, while strumming randomly on my friend's guitar, I accidentally came up with some catchy melody. I decided to give it a shot and started writing immediately. I was pretty sure the song would be as good as 'Andai Kita'. The only problem was, I couldn't finish the lyrics. So, I came up with a brilliant idea!

Here goes,
I am looking for those who are interested to explore their talent in lyrics/poem writing. Oh, yeah! I'm turning this into a competition! All you have to do is just follow these steps:

a) Give your email & name (via comment bellow)
b) I'll email the sample of the melody for your reference.
c) Write your lyrics(in English) & email them back to me.

The best lyrics will be use as the lyrics for my new song. Most importantly, the rights over the song would be shared by me and this talented writer. Which means, credits or any sort of profits gained from this song would be shared to. This lucky winner would also receive a special prize for me as my act of gratitude for helping me in finishing the song. So, don't hesitate to participate. You might be the talented and the lucky one!

P/S: Follow me on Twitter and add me on Facebook. You might also want to check out some of my other videos on Youtube too! Do not forget to SUBSCRIBE!!!!!

Harmless Blogger signing out!

13 January 2012

Lagu Baru Oh Lagu Baru

Well, it's been a while since I last updated my blog and uploaded new video on Youtube. I've been considering quite a number of songs to cover, but the demand for the new original songs is higher. It clearly shows on the number of view over the videos I uploaded on Youtube.
Speaking of new song, yesterday morning I had a brilliant idea on how my new song would sound. Unfortunately, I don't have a guitar to assist me in finishing the melody. So, now I'm stuck with the idea itself revolting in my head. Hopefully, I won't lose it.

To all of you out there who's been waiting for the new video, I hope you guys could wait for a little longer(kalau ada yg tgu la kan.LOL). In the meantime, I really could use some advice & tips on how to increase the view for my videos on Youtube. Feel free to let me know guys! Thanks!

Harmless Blogger signing out!

04 January 2012

My Story

I first discovered my talent in music at my early age of 6 where my mother was the one who gave me the drive to exploit my talent. Never getting any formal class in music, I learned playing each and every of the musical instrument either by myself or getting a friend to tutor me. Started playing guitar in my sweet 16, by learning from my junior at school. In the same year, I wrote my first piece(Terimalah Ku Kembali) for my nasyid group named Patriots Of Allah(P.O.A). The song was later been used by my school team to compete at state level for several years. Wrote another few piece ever since and during my foundation years in CFS IIUM, I came up with my best piece, Andai Kita. The song grabbed the attention of some local composer and even offered to buy it. Andai Kita was my turning point for me. In late 2010, an agent from some local recording company found my video on Youtube and surprised me with an offer. The offer was for me to record a single and have a release. Unfortunately, such event never take place due to some unknown issues. Currently, I'm actively performing for IIUM Gamelan Group & IIUM Acoustic Band playing the role of a vocalist. I even performed and enter some talent competition as a solo act.

Entering College/University?

Before I carry on with this post, I'd like to wish dear readers Happy New Year! (walaupun dh 4 Jan). Apparently, I had no idea on what to blog for the past few weeks.Although, many events did took place in my life along that period of time. Now, carrying on to the subject!

I'd like to congratulate all school graduates(SPM) for finishing your school years! Welcome to real life fellas! hahaha!!
Now, I'm sure many of these school graduates are quite anxious about entering college life. But before you make your decision to enter any institutes out there, I think you might wanna consider this in your decision making:

i.   Are you sure you want to enter college/university?
ii.  If yes, what sort of things do you really want to learn?
iii. What is your true passion? (Do not succumb to peer pressure as most people did)

At this point, I bet you would have question on what I meant by 'succumb'? Well, most people would choose courses such as engineering, medical, law & some other cool courses. These are among the courses that are very common among college students. Your teachers would recommend them for you. Your parents would be proud if you enrolled in one of them. WHY? It's is because, they sounded cool.But my question is, what is it that you really wanted to learn? What is your true passion?

Search your feeling thoroughly. If you are into music, cooking, or even designing, don't apply for medical course just because you have excellent result in biology. Some people score well in such subject, but they never really like it that much. They only scored well for they did lots of exercises & they managed to memorized the terms required in exams.

You may not see my point now, but you will someday. I'm telling you this based on my experience & observation. I've witnessed a friend who was unfortunately, failing in most of his subjects during his school days. His SPM result was not so goood(i mean really bad, bad). But he decided to enrolled himself in a course that he really interested in. Believe me, most people raised their eyebrows when they heard the guy took this course.

Now, most of our friends are struggling in the so called 'cool courses' and not mention, even failed in some the papers the sat for. But for him, he is going to graduate soon and believe me or not, his CGPA is 3.97.
Renung2 kan. Selamat merenung.wahahahahaha!!

Harmless Blogger signing out!