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17 January 2012

Bring Out Your Talent! ( You Might Be The Lucky Winner)

Couple of days ago, while strumming randomly on my friend's guitar, I accidentally came up with some catchy melody. I decided to give it a shot and started writing immediately. I was pretty sure the song would be as good as 'Andai Kita'. The only problem was, I couldn't finish the lyrics. So, I came up with a brilliant idea!

Here goes,
I am looking for those who are interested to explore their talent in lyrics/poem writing. Oh, yeah! I'm turning this into a competition! All you have to do is just follow these steps:

a) Give your email & name (via comment bellow)
b) I'll email the sample of the melody for your reference.
c) Write your lyrics(in English) & email them back to me.

The best lyrics will be use as the lyrics for my new song. Most importantly, the rights over the song would be shared by me and this talented writer. Which means, credits or any sort of profits gained from this song would be shared to. This lucky winner would also receive a special prize for me as my act of gratitude for helping me in finishing the song. So, don't hesitate to participate. You might be the talented and the lucky one!

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    1. lagu nyer sesuai lirik bi laa..tpt klo ko ad idea, y not?

  2. wah..background da tukaa...