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04 January 2012

Entering College/University?

Before I carry on with this post, I'd like to wish dear readers Happy New Year! (walaupun dh 4 Jan). Apparently, I had no idea on what to blog for the past few weeks.Although, many events did took place in my life along that period of time. Now, carrying on to the subject!

I'd like to congratulate all school graduates(SPM) for finishing your school years! Welcome to real life fellas! hahaha!!
Now, I'm sure many of these school graduates are quite anxious about entering college life. But before you make your decision to enter any institutes out there, I think you might wanna consider this in your decision making:

i.   Are you sure you want to enter college/university?
ii.  If yes, what sort of things do you really want to learn?
iii. What is your true passion? (Do not succumb to peer pressure as most people did)

At this point, I bet you would have question on what I meant by 'succumb'? Well, most people would choose courses such as engineering, medical, law & some other cool courses. These are among the courses that are very common among college students. Your teachers would recommend them for you. Your parents would be proud if you enrolled in one of them. WHY? It's is because, they sounded cool.But my question is, what is it that you really wanted to learn? What is your true passion?

Search your feeling thoroughly. If you are into music, cooking, or even designing, don't apply for medical course just because you have excellent result in biology. Some people score well in such subject, but they never really like it that much. They only scored well for they did lots of exercises & they managed to memorized the terms required in exams.

You may not see my point now, but you will someday. I'm telling you this based on my experience & observation. I've witnessed a friend who was unfortunately, failing in most of his subjects during his school days. His SPM result was not so goood(i mean really bad, bad). But he decided to enrolled himself in a course that he really interested in. Believe me, most people raised their eyebrows when they heard the guy took this course.

Now, most of our friends are struggling in the so called 'cool courses' and not mention, even failed in some the papers the sat for. But for him, he is going to graduate soon and believe me or not, his CGPA is 3.97.
Renung2 kan. Selamat merenung.wahahahahaha!!

Harmless Blogger signing out!


  1. :) based on experience? hehe.. based on my experience.. i totally say "yes" to this post :D Follow your heart.. and you'll see the way :) insyaallah...

  2. haha,,,hepi new year juak...