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04 January 2012

My Story

I first discovered my talent in music at my early age of 6 where my mother was the one who gave me the drive to exploit my talent. Never getting any formal class in music, I learned playing each and every of the musical instrument either by myself or getting a friend to tutor me. Started playing guitar in my sweet 16, by learning from my junior at school. In the same year, I wrote my first piece(Terimalah Ku Kembali) for my nasyid group named Patriots Of Allah(P.O.A). The song was later been used by my school team to compete at state level for several years. Wrote another few piece ever since and during my foundation years in CFS IIUM, I came up with my best piece, Andai Kita. The song grabbed the attention of some local composer and even offered to buy it. Andai Kita was my turning point for me. In late 2010, an agent from some local recording company found my video on Youtube and surprised me with an offer. The offer was for me to record a single and have a release. Unfortunately, such event never take place due to some unknown issues. Currently, I'm actively performing for IIUM Gamelan Group & IIUM Acoustic Band playing the role of a vocalist. I even performed and enter some talent competition as a solo act.

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