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02 February 2012

Gadis 19 Tahun Hina Perempuan Sabah/Sarawak Hodoh

This rumor caught my attention as it appears to be too sensitive and foolish. The act was actually performed via her Twitter account which is now unavailable. Jom tengok apa dia tulis:

Surprisingly, dia kata dia dianiayai berikutan akaun Twitter beliau di 'hack'.(Macam x logik je kan? haha). She did filed a police report though fearing a growing hatred over her by the Sabahan/Sarawakian.

The Sabahan & Sarawakian had organized a group on Facebook demanding her to publicly apologize  for her racism act towards the affected people. Betul ke tak dia ni kena hack. kita tengok je esok lusa yeeeee....

p/s: I'm not ruling out the possibility where her account was hacked by some other person. So, we'll see!

Harmless Blogger signing out!