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28 February 2012

Senarai 'Original Song' AJ

This is a list for my original songs that I managed to finish which stretch back into the year when I was back in school. I put them according to the chronological order:
  1. Terimalah Ku Kembali (2006)
  2. Tunggu feat. Wan Faris Aizat (2008) *Uploaded in 'Projek Tunggu' via Facebook*
  3. Rintihan Hati (2008)
  4. Andai Kita (2009) *Uploaded via Youtube & Facebook*
  5. Kasih Duriku (2009) *Uploaded via Facebook*
  6. Kerna Mu Aku (2009)
  7. Cita (2010)
  8. Kau Teristimewa (2011)
  9. Penghujung Lena (2012) *Uploaded via Youtube*
  10. Rainbow & Sunshine (2012)
  11. Hero Dunia (2012) *Uploaded via Youtube*
  12. Benarkanlah (2012) *Uploading soon via Youtube*
There are more actually. But, they're not complete neither the lyrics nor the melody. Hopefully, I can get these publish into the mainstream music industry one day!
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  1. fuyyooo..byk nyer lagu..buatkan satu utk abg rumate..hehe

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  2. wah..abg ensem kita bila nk kawen?