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12 April 2012

Nama Universiti 'Misleading'?

Selalu kita terdengar perbualan yang isi nya seakan-akan perbualan kat bawah ni. CEKIDAOT!

Mesti korang pernah dengar en? Isn't it funny? Bila masuk UIA je orang akan ingat keluar jadi ustaz. Then I guess, the following conversations should be reasonable as well:


Agree with me? Disagree with me? Just let me know. Btw, I'm going to start a new category for my blog entitled 'Stalin and Maxim Says' starting with this entry. I'll be using the above picture to convey my opinion. Hope you guys would be able to enjoy & be expecting more exciting & informative stuffs from this category.

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Harmless Blogger signing out!

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