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18 April 2012

Things You Must Eat Before Departing From Sarawak

Many people have their own preference when it comes to local cuisine. But, for Sarawakian, we would normally have similar choice when it comes to our local cuisine. Since I'm not studying in Sarawak, I would always miss all the tasty and unique local foods of Sarawak. So, whenever my semester break(which of course I spend in Kuching, Sarawak) is about to end, I would always try to eat as many of my favorite local food as possible before I set off.

Behold, my favorite Sarawak food:
  • Laksa Sarawak
  • Mee Kolok
  • Kek Lapis Sarawak
  • Bubur Pedas (Not so sure if this one is a local food)
  • SUGAR BUN (Local franchised fast food restaurant)
  • SCR (Not a local cuisine)
  • Ayam Pansuh
  • Kelupis
  • Pulut Panggang (Not so sure if this one is a local food)
  • Ikan Terubok + it's eggs (Not a local cuisine but.....well, you get the idea right? hahaha) 
  • Sayur Midin?? haha..
Mee Kolok
Terubok Masin
Kek Lapis
Laksa Sarawak

Well, these are not the only local/trademark foods for Sarawak. There are plenty more, but like I said, these are my favorites. What are yours? Feel free to share with me. Thank you for reading!

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  1. 3 benda xleh lepas dari mata aku. laksa, terubok masin n sayur midin...!!