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09 May 2012

I See The Big Bang Theory In How I Met Your Mother

Ever since yesterday, I realize something interesting about my two favorite series which are; How I Met Your Mother & The Big Bang Theory. Here's the thing, the characters in both of these sitcoms share some similar characteristic with each other. Observe:

1. The Womanizer

Howard Wolowitz (Big Bang Theory)
Barney Stinson (How I Met Your Mother)

These 2 characters for me shares the most obvious similarities. They both always seek for an opening to get laid by performing tricks of their own. They both do magic tricks. They also do creepy & sick jokes about women that are always inappropriate. Shockingly, both characters grew up without their father. But then again, they are thus far the coolest guy in their groups.

2. The Hot Chick

Robin Scherbatsky (HIMYM)

Penny (BBT)

Both Penny & Robin is obviously the most attractive girl in their respective series. I sincerely think there are guys who started watching either of these series just because of these two character. When it comes to their similarities in the story itself, both of them came into town to become famous but ended up stuck up in jobs they hated. They both are the last member to join their groups chronologically. Surprisingly, both of their fathers wanted a son & resulting in the unresolved father issues. They dated lots of guys in the series and not to be excluded, the main male character, as for Robin with Ted, and Penny with Leonard.

3. The Guy

Ted Mosby (HIMYM)

Leonard Hofstadter (BBT)
The main male role. They both share an apartment with one of their group members. They dated many girls in the series. Both of their moms are weird, plus their parents both separated as the each series proceeds. Their groups seems to revolve around them, but in a way not that obvious. Most of the time, they are the most mature among the gangs. Well, most of the time. They both sometimes can be a complete idiot around women and also sweet at the same time. Not to mention, both are seeking for true love & keep on falling again and again for the most attractive female in their groups(I bet u know who they are). They are also the person who actually brought Penny & Robin into their groups.

There are many more similarities among the characters of both series, but this post is getting too long. Thank u for reading btw. I'm sure you also have your own opinion regarding this topic. Please do share with me by commenting in the space below.

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  1. ahaha characters clash personality, tapi mun based on jalan cerita (by episode lah) HIMYM banyak juak ikut Friends ahaha

  2. oo..yaka? ak friends dlok x ngga glk..

  3. Friends original.
    lets say about chandler parents seperated before he hits puberty....the most funniest and sadest part.

  4. Robin is the hot chick in Ted's story. That is why i never like her with him, beause with Ted is just that, "the pretty girl". Poor Robin ;(