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14 July 2012

Lose Tonight Lyrics

 Here I’m standing in the dark,
When no one’s here to watch me,
And I strum the strings
A sombre heart is dancing in a beat.
Don’t know where on earth I’ve been? 
Was I lost and dumb stupid?
To let them see or hear,
what they wanna see and hear from me?

Your words will never stop me,
cause no one’s here
To hear me sing a happy song tonight.

Whatever you say that I am,
Whatever words to describe my songs?
Won’t ever break, make me weep or stop singing tonight.
Yeah it is tonight, LA LA DOO DOO DOO DOO,
Let me finish this, you will lose tonight.

Yeah you’re not winning again,
Cause I won’t change my mind,
I'm not afraid
To fight you and your loud commenting crowd.
Put your hearing ears just listen,
this is my only moment.
To fill streets,
With the melody of my ancient heart.

Song : AJ
Lyrics: Azham

This is my latest song which was a result of my collaboration with a talented writer Azham! Thank you for this wonderful lyrics! Looking forward for another collaboration with you!

Harmless Blogger signing out!


  1. Ehem-ehem....lirik tu hasil nukilan kita berdua hahahahaah.....kalau u serious nak terus bekerjasama dengan Azham Vsvc....I am more than willing to be a part of a great production hehehehehhe

    1. Whatever words to describe my songs???

      my comment

      ohsem!!!you are very talented guy

    2. OMG thank you Kay!!! Kau mmg supportive hehehe!

  2. I love the lyrics :) nice. lagu pun boleh tahan ala2 jason mraz :) keep it up bro!!!! :)

  3. oh thank u. tp xnk la ala2 jason mraz. hahaha

  4. Alhamdulillah ada yang menyukai lirik dan melodi lagu ini hehehehhehehehhehe

  5. wow ur voice!.. suka dgr.. cun dgn lirik dibuat azham.. good2!!