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12 August 2012

German Diver Scored 0.0 At Olympic; Stephen Feck

The effort came as Feck was trying to qualify for the final of the 3m springboard event on Monday. Everything looked normal as the dive began, but he then lost his grip on his left leg and things started going horribly wrong, as the picture show.

Dive of the century
The resulting backwards belly-flop was painful for the diver in more ways than one: first Feck had to ensure what was no doubt a horrific smack to his body, then he had to suffer the humiliation of seeing the scoreboard pop up with 0.0s across the board. We're not sure that we really need to spell this out, but Feck came dead last and failed to progress in the event.
Still, there is some consolation: the video has gone viral across the Internet (despite the IOC crackdown on rights violations) and while he may not go home with a medal, at least people will always remember his Olympic moment and give a little smile when they hear his name.

Here is a video from Youtube for you to watch regarding the dive itself. ENJOY!

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