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23 October 2012

The Return of How I Met Your Mother & The Big Bang Theory

Two of my favorite TV shows are back on air after a long break from the end of their respective season. Let's start with How I Met Your Mother.

The show left off with a very intriguing and shocking scene where Ted Mosby were upon by Barney's bride before her wedding. The shocking part was when they revealed who the bride was! It was Robin! On top of that, Ted is supposed to meet with his mysterious wife at that wedding.
Obviously, many of us are anticipating season 8 to unfold many more stories about Ted's wife, which is so far we've only been given the chance to see her foot. Are they going to end the show with season 8 by revealing the 'the one'? Not to forget, Marshall & Lilly just had a baby, which by the way will definitely change the groups dynamic. I'm expecting Barney to use the baby as one of his strategy to pick some more bimbos! LOL!

Moving on to The Big Bang Theory.

How did last season ended? Oh yeah! Howard and Bernadette got married, and then he went to become an astronaut. While Leonard & Penny were in some kind of 'Beta Test Relationship'. Is it going to work though? How about Raj? Surely he'll be very lonely after Howard got married and flew out into the space right then. As for Sheldon, is he going to be more respectful towards Howard after he became a real astronaut? Unlikely I would say. Why? Cause Howard only has a master degree. That's why! But then again, I can only go as far as speculating. The director decides everything. Hopefully, we'll enjoy this brand new season together!

Harmless Blogger signing out!

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