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23 October 2010

Andai Kita Lyrics

Hari-hari ku
Berlalu tanpa mu
Kau hanya tinggal kenangan
Tiada lagi senyum dan tawa mu
Mewarnai hari ku…

Sendiri aku merenung jendela
Berharap dikau menjelma
Andai ku bisa putarkan waktu
Akan ku hapuskan air mata mu
Oh kasih..

Andainya cinta ini
Bukan milik kita
Berjanjilah kepada ku
Tak kan pernah sirna cinta

Memori kita
Kan kekal abadi
Oh kasih
Cinta mu
Yang ku impi

Enjoy! hahaha...

Harmless Blogger signing out!

22 October 2010


Phew..Today, after I had my lunch as usual right after Friday Prayer, I head back to my precious room. Well, being a student living on campus do offers me lots of options on what to do during spare times. But, not on FRIDAY! hahaha..With no class and whatsoever, I've only my sophisticated laptop to accompany and entertain me. HAHAHAHAHA!!

After I downloaded some videos n mp3s, I got stuck with nothing to do, AGAIN! hahaha..Facebook is so overrated lately. So I decided to google one of my song tittle, which is 'ANDAI KITA'. Then there were 2 of my videos on Youtube appeared on top of the list. But, there was a link that really caught my attention.

It was a blog of this guy who named his blog as bicaraseliparjepun. He posted my video in of of his post. I was like, hahahahaha!! Shocked! & flattered of course.

I would like to thank bicaraseliparjepun for showing the appreciation towards this song for this is the first time people ever did this. THANK YOU! Promoting your blog is the only way that I can express my gratitude. So please do visit this blog people!! bicaraseliparjepun

With that, I live you guys with today's Word of The Day!


Harmless Blogger signing out!

18 October 2010

Merepek jap...

HELL! It's been over a week since I last updated my blog. Lots of thing occurred during that period of time of course! LOL!

In this post, I wish to apologize to those who've been waiting for my new song to be uploaded here. I'm really2 sorry as it is not even recorded yet. So sorry guys. One thing I do assure you that I will upload the video once I'm done with the editing n recording of the song. (record gne phone je pon)..

Well, in two days times, me & the rest of the IIUM Gamelan Club members will be performing during some OIC(Organization of The Islamic Conference) convention whatsoever. hahaha. Don't even bother to know the name of the event. I hope that it would run smoothly as it seems like a very big event. Please don't screw up on that day AJ!

AHA! One more thing! I'll be attending my driving license test on Wednesday! Please pray for me yeah =)

I guess, that's enough for now. CHIAO!


Harmless Blogger signing out!

10 October 2010

IIUM Gamelan AGD

HELLO bloggers n friends!!! Wow..It feels like almost forever that I've been away from this blogging hemisphere. Been through lots of stuffs lately, but hey! I'M BACK PEOPLE!! hahaha (ade ke yg tgu aq update blog nih? hahahaha)

Anyway, lately I've performed in an event. Which was the IIUM Gamelan AGD. On that very night, I've performed 3 songs.
  • Laskar Pelangi-Nidji
  • Lagu Kita-Aizat
  • Unintended-Muse
I was also the MC for the night. So I had to change into 4 costumes according to certain themes. Let me show you some of the picture from the night concerning my 4 costumes..hehehe..
Egyptian costume

Back to school

english garden

Balik kampung

Changing costumes was so tiring that I almost fall of the stairs while I was on my way to the fitting room. But, the night was very entertaining and I get to know more seniors in the IIUM Gamelan Club.

Well, I will also provide you guys with 1 of the 3 songs that I performed on that very night.Hope you guys will enjoy it!

*Really sorry for the bad video quality though.

*credits to HALIMAH for the video