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22 October 2010


Phew..Today, after I had my lunch as usual right after Friday Prayer, I head back to my precious room. Well, being a student living on campus do offers me lots of options on what to do during spare times. But, not on FRIDAY! hahaha..With no class and whatsoever, I've only my sophisticated laptop to accompany and entertain me. HAHAHAHAHA!!

After I downloaded some videos n mp3s, I got stuck with nothing to do, AGAIN! hahaha..Facebook is so overrated lately. So I decided to google one of my song tittle, which is 'ANDAI KITA'. Then there were 2 of my videos on Youtube appeared on top of the list. But, there was a link that really caught my attention.

It was a blog of this guy who named his blog as bicaraseliparjepun. He posted my video in of of his post. I was like, hahahahaha!! Shocked! & flattered of course.

I would like to thank bicaraseliparjepun for showing the appreciation towards this song for this is the first time people ever did this. THANK YOU! Promoting your blog is the only way that I can express my gratitude. So please do visit this blog people!! bicaraseliparjepun

With that, I live you guys with today's Word of The Day!


Harmless Blogger signing out!


  1. Salam..hee..lagu ko mmg best..jd mun 100 blog post lg ko di blog cdak pun aku x heran..may ur dream comes true..

    Jg diri,jg iman(pesann time imagine ko berjya mggapai mimpi ko,then jd popular..tkt ko jd mcm kbykn artis..huhu..jauh x imaginasi aku?)

  2. thnx dude. i really like that song.

  3. wow!! impressed weh..good job..minta otograp lehhh=p.lupa wanna take pic with u! haih~~

  4. Salam..yeah....hehehe... Good2... All the best...hehe

  5. really love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!